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Custom Kitchens

Our relationship with you doesn't end after installation.

A kitchen is the heart of the home and has replaced the ideal living room. It is focal point of the home here special meals are made such as; breakfast, supper and even potluck on special events. Since individuals make frequent trips in between their day to prepare a snack or meal to eat, individuals have turned this ordinary room into either a comfort zone where TVs, music sound systems or a small working space which is incorporated or individuals have designed it to be the ideal chef's kitchen.

Whether you want a traditional, contemporary or urban kitchen, RK Fair Deal Kitchen Cabinets Ltd. can design one for you. We have many design ideas that we can share with you including advice on layouts, colours, patterns, styles and trends. Also we offer an insight into back splash, handles, knobs, mouldings, doors etc. Our design consultants will work with you at our showroom or at your house (wherever you prefer) and give you a fitting plan and budget that meets your requirements.

In addition to the cabinets there are other factors that will complete the thematic design that you are achieving therefore you have to choose your sink, counter-top, tiles, back-splash and colour shades and our designers will be willing to guide you in making these decisions. We try to provide maximum capacity in our designs and are also flexible with building a kitchen around your needs even if there are certain elements that you wish to keep from your previous kitchen.

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